About the owner Amber

Born and raised in Fair Oaks as the youngest of two siblings, I was brought up by a hard-working single mother. As a grown woman and a single mother myself, nothing thrilled me more than getting through the challenging workweek and planning weekend brunches for family and friends at home. I always noticed the joy on everyone’s faces as they sipped on good wine,  enjoyed delicious homemade food, and shared cherished memories with loved ones.

Tragically, in 2019, my beloved mother, who was also my best friend, passed away unexpectedly. This loss shattered my heart, leaving me feeling lost and at the same time, stuck in a job that brought me no joy. While trying to navigate this difficult period in my life, I stumbled upon a unique space at the Almond Orchard center that would eventually alter the course of my life.

It felt like fate when KORK was born! KORK was created with every ounce of my healing heart, and in January 2021, amidst one of the toughest pandemics, I managed to open its doors and thrive. As the first and only wine bar in Fair Oaks, KORK has become a sanctuary where people can escape the troubles of the day, make new friends, or reconnect with old acquaintances. Visitors often describe it as a place with “good vibes,” a cozy and warm ambiance, and a welcoming atmosphere. Food and wine have always been my passions, and I am endlessly grateful for the opportunity to share them with you all. Here’s to good times and cherished moments at KORK – Cheers

Relax. Have a glass or a bottle. Enjoy our Charcuterie Board or our handmade Flatbreads and join the KORK Club.